When the football encounter music PSG & Rolling Stone series

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September 9, 2018, Rolling singer lead singer Mick Jagger in Hamburg, Germany Stadtpark ("City Park") stage performances. Here is the Rolling Stones "Stones - No Filter" European tour of the opening. In the next time the Rolling Stones will be in 12 cities in Europe tour, and will soon come to Paris, in order to commemorate the Rolling Stones of the European tour, Paris Saint Germain launched a series of new joint products.


The PSG and the Rolling Stones band series to Lifestyle life product base, the PSG Paris, France elements and Rolling Stones famous big mouth Logo joint, last season in France away jersey, PSG leisure jacket, Tee and other clothing display, but also Launched a special pattern of Air Max 1 sports shoes and motorcycle helmets and skateboards, whether it is a big Paris fans or Rolling Stones fans, this is a very interesting commemorative suit.


The new PSG "Rolling Stone" package will be available at the Paris fashion boutiques Colette from October 19 to 23! Interesting is the September 30 big Paris home against Bordeaux before the game, the Prince of Paris Park Stadium sounded the classic songs of the Rolling Stones.

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